For a city of extremes and superlatives, it is not surprising for Dubai to set its keen falcon eyes on becoming the most visited city in the world. Determined to overtake London by 2020, tourism chiefs and hoteliers in Dubai are confident that the emirate will achieve this goal, especially with the leadership’s drive for […]

Cruising through the sparkling waters of Dubai is a must-do for tourists and residents in this bustling city. Not only is it a relaxing past time or a means for celebration, cruising also provides the opportunity to connect with the nation’s seafaring roots. Here are excellent cruising spots for you to check out. The Dubai […]

The desert paradise of Dubai is sensational. A city that manages to create an interesting mix between its modern man-made exploits and rich Emirati heritage, Dubai has anything and everything that any fervent tourist wants in his travel itinerary. Hotel occupancies are already hitting record high levels. The number of travelers and tourists has been […]

Graduating from university? Your child’s first birthday? Your 10th anniversary? Name it, and Dubai has something up its sleeve to make every moment of your life just as special and memorable. If you adore the sea, you can celebrate with a relaxing ride onboard a luxury yacht or a sumptuous dinner on a traditional Arabian […]