A joyful and festive atmosphere is all around Dubai once again as the city is gearing up to celebrate Eid Al Adha this weekend. Colorful flags, bright multi-colored lights, and lively decorations are all over the city to greet tourists and residents as well as lend a truly joyous vibe to the upcoming holidays. The […]

It is no hidden fact that we spend more of our waking time at work than at home. But toiling long and hard can take its toll on our mind and body, and leaves us too exhausted at the end of the day. We need to rest and re-energize ourselves. And the best way to […]

Yacht chartering reveals breathtaking views of the sea by giving guests access to the refreshing crystal clear waters, impressive landscapes, and exquisite beaches. It is the epitome of excellent cuisine, thrill, enjoyment, mesmerizing surroundings, and customized services. There are many things to consider before renting the yacht. This guide will help you savor an unforgettable […]

How exciting is it to have breakfast in France, lunch in Italy, and dinner in Germany all in one day? In Dubai, the famed The World islands are once again abuzz with activity as The Heart of Europe (THOE) project start development on its own set of islands. On top of that, it has gotten […]