The New Year is just around the corner, and there are different ways to celebrate New Year 2015 Dubai. A city that basically has everything and anything (and in extreme abundance, too), tourists and residents during this time have a wide range of options to choose from to make their New Year festivities¬† in Dubai […]

The more the merrier, says the old-time proverb. You will definitely have more fun and enjoyment when you and your guests climb aboard the largest and most majestic yacht in our fleet, the stunning 85-foot premium luxury yacht, Al Shujaat 9. Invite up to 37 of your most esteemed guests, and have the best time […]

Christmas is the season of sharing and joy. It is the time of spreading good cheers to everyone everywhere by showing ounces of kindness from the bottom of your heart. For the people near and dear to your heart, make it unforgettable by offering the gift of a luxurious yacht charter in Dubai. Christmas in […]

Going on an exciting yacht charter in Dubai is an experience that is filled with fun and luxury. To get the most out of your time onboard a yacht, check out these tips. Let your yacht charter company know your needs and wants for the yacht charter. During booking, let the staff know your plans […]