The Yacht Club in the city of Dubai is a great place to charter a cruise. You can book a luxury yacht to take you fishing or just for relaxing on the water. You can rent a yacht for just the two of you or for a larger party celebration. Consider the types of occasion […]

Marina Yacht ClubSuitably located in downtowns with a spectacular view of the harbor of small boats or by the sea; are the yacht clubhouses for sports enthusiasts. These are the ideal fun destinations to pass your leisure time in the utmost luxurious ways. The permanent and active members of these yacht clubs are the yacht […]

Fishing is one of the most peaceful activities that you can engage in; it is rewarding and full filling. Whether you are going for fishing with your friends or family members, it is the right kind of outdoor sport that your friends would love to participate in. It also gives you the opportunity to find […]

Who doesn’t love a nice boat ride where it is just you and your loved one or a group of close friends enjoying the salty air and the ocean water? The yacht is considered the top of the line water experience but many individuals cannot afford to purchase one for their very own. This is […]