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All You Need To Know About Deep Sea Fishing In Dubai

All You Need To Know About Deep Sea Fishing In Dubai

Deep Sea fishing is a very popular activity in Dubai as several people from neighbouring places come to Dubai to experience fishing in the coastal waters of Dubai. After doing all the tiring activities in Dubai, tourists can go fishing just for fun and get the best catch of their lives. Fishing is the most preferred activity locally and it was one of the key elements of the local industry.

Best Time for fishing

Fishing can be done in the months of January to May, which is the time several tourists visit Dubai. January to March is the most important months for fishing as you can find several varieties of fish and marine life in the seas of Dubai. From May to October, again the season picks up, with the tourists from neighbouring countries to enjoy deep sea fishing in Dubai and other activities.

There are various companies in Dubai that offer fishing for the tourists. With all the latest equipment and the latest yachts, the tourists can experience fishing in a best possible way. The tourist can get the catch of a lifetime in the Dubai seas. It is the best way to relax from the bustling city by fishing with the professional companies of Dubai. There are companies that offer fishing in Dubai closer to the shore and some companies will take you to away from the sea. The tourists can find various types of fish away from the shore.

Types Of Fish To Catch

Dubai has a large coastal region and it is popular for its pristine beaches. The marine life in Dubai is one of the largest and various kinds of sea animals can be found by the tourists while doing sea activities. The various kinds of fishes that tourists can get are Barracuda, King fish, Sharrie, Hammour and Sultan Ibrahim. These fishes can be found on a regular basis. The rare varieties of fishes are Tuna, Travelly, Jaesh and Cobia. The tourists love deep sea fishing in Dubai as it lets them to catch the rare varieties of fishes.

But for deep sea fishing, the tourists have to hire a private yacht charter, which is provided by various fishing companies. The fishing yachts consist of a minimum of two crew boards for the convenience of the tourists. One crew member operates the yachts or trolling and the other one for helping the tourists to catch the fishes. The deep sea fishing involves the boats to travel around 40- 50 km away from the shore. That is the perfect place for the tourists to get numerous varieties of fishes. The boat for fishing should at least be 30 feet with all the latest equipment and latest fishing rods.

The tourists can choose fishing for either half a day or one full day according to their convenience and itinerary. It is a very good opportunity to experience fishing in Dubai with the loved ones. The guests can also go for a dive in the deep sea and explore the coral reefs and shipwrecks. The tourists can also choose for simple boat trips near the coastline if they are not comfortable with fishing. Dubai offers lots of other activities other than fishing.
Dubai is considered to be one of the most important destinations for deep sea fishing trips in the world. There is a lot of tourist influx to Dubai as people of Dubai are very hospitable and welcome tourists with open hands. There are various other activities that the tourists can experience in Dubai and make their trip memorable.