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A Refreshing Vacation Event

The Yacht Club in the city of Dubai is a great place to charter a cruise. You can book a luxury yacht to take you fishing or just for relaxing on the water. You can rent a yacht for just the two of you or for a larger party celebration. Consider the types of occasion before booking your trip. The size of your party will determine the size of your yacht. One thing you can depend on is the comfortable yacht and fun time that you and your loved ones will have while on board.

After you book your cruise you can expect to be picked up at your hotel and taken to the marina. You will be greeted by a friendly and professional captain and crew. While on board of your yacht you will be treated to light refreshments including water and soft drinks. In addition, if you are ready to try your hand at fishing, professional equipment will be provided and that includes an electronic fish finder. You should have no trouble at all finding and catching amazing large saltwater fish. If you decide to take a break from fishing, you’ll be happy to listen to music come from a state of the art surround sound system. Perhaps just sunning yourself on deck is all you need to have a relaxing day.

If fishing isn’t your game you will still enjoy the view that can only be seen from the water’s edge. The Dubai skyline is like no other in the world. Gaze at the unique architecture and the amazing cityscapes. This is all it takes to get your body and mind to unwind and relax for a few hours.

Whether you are in the city on vacation or for business, take the time to book a yacht club in Dubai. You’ll enjoy the down time with friends and family either fishing or just cruising down the gulf. If relaxation is what you are looking for, then this is the experience for you. Nothing takes away stress like the wide open water, fresh air, and rocking waves. When you go home your friends will be jealous of how refreshed you are and how good you look.


Marina Yacht Club

Marina Yacht ClubSuitably located in downtowns with a spectacular view of the harbor of small boats or by the sea; are the yacht clubhouses for sports enthusiasts. These are the ideal fun destinations to pass your leisure time in the utmost luxurious ways. The permanent and active members of these yacht clubs are the yacht owners, experienced sea wanderers, ocean explorers, or water sports lovers. They also receive applications and visitors from other individuals who seek luxury and lavish lifestyles. They provide in-house facilities such as bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants, banquets, and suits fulfil the needs of its aristocratic members.

Esteemed members of these clubs are authorized to make use of the burgees on their private yachts.

How and how much to join?Club houses reflect luxury and lavishness demand a high value. Every clubhouse has its own criteria to appoint members. The members are generally allotted the plans as per their budgets and access to facilities. Some of the Marina Yacht Clubhouses allow membership applications only through references or to licensed and experienced yacht drivers and owners. However, the general category is sanctioned only limited access to facilities and events. Commercial clubhouses can introduce plans on per day participation as well.

SportsThe yacht club houses follow a formal hierarchy of an organization. The committee is highly experienced and licensed. With the help of an experienced staff and judges, they organize events and competitions of sailing, cruising or racing to promote the interest of its members and fulfil their recreational quotient and active participation. Irrespective of the fleet sizes the club houses host monthly or annual regattas for junior or experienced championships.

Commercial Clubs.Nowadays the clubhouses are not only limited to water sports activities and competitions. They have expanded their horizons by adding extra facilities to promote the active participation and commercialize the business.

LoungesClubhouses arrange for a regular screening of water sports competitions being aired on TV. Where you can conveniently enjoy the game with your group and cheer for your team.The Royal Sailing ExperienceThe prestigious Yacht Clubs also arrange for special events. You can plan an excursion with your pals and family, and explore the water. You can plan for an on board yacht event or soirees with the help of your marina yacht club.Also, clubhouses have exclusive banquets and exceptional arrangements to plan your lavish weddings; christenings or any kind of social and corporate rendezvous.

Your Perfect Girls Night out DestinationBeing a member if you want a special backdrop for only girls; you can plan the venue at your Yacht club for lavish arrangements. They will provide you with all your requirements and privacy. The club houses set a unique and glamorous bling to your shindig. They will set up for any and all types of facilities or themes to suit your interest.

SuggestionsBefore joining any of these clubhouses make sure to check their reputation. For sure you do not want to end up paying a high membership fee for poor service and facilities or a club with only senior citizens as members.

Nonetheless, it can also turn out to be a deserted marina yacht club with very few members or the passive and disinterested environment.


Great insights on Fishing in Dubai

Fishing is one of the most peaceful activities that you can engage in; it is rewarding and full filling. Whether you are going for fishing with your friends or family members, it is the right kind of outdoor sport that your friends would love to participate in. It also gives you the opportunity to find a waste array of fish.

However, in the city of Dubai, deep sea fishing is most popular among enthusiastic anglers; this is particularly if you love to be in the deep waters. Dubai has become a known destination for fishing activities and holding events for people to compete in fishing. The water that is normally teeming with fish has made Dubai a great destination for thousands of people and tourists.

Fishing in Dubai is for everyone, it does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional in this sport; the Arabian Gulf waters are full of fish like fluke, bluefish, flounder, and striped bass, barracuda and small shark among others. This makes Dubai a favorite place where you can hone your skills in fishing.

Dubai has companies that provide you with equipment for going fishing. You can get fishing boats that have special trained captains to take you on a fishing expedition in Dubai. You will also get quality fishing tools to use in your sports with your friends. If you like you can also organize other activities like coastal cruising and other water activities.

Fishing in Dubai is not done in all places; there are special places that you should consider when going for fishing. The spots are great and offer extra fun; the Dubai creek, Jebel Ali free zone is full of kingfish and hammour; Dibaa in the places near Maktoum Bridge, the east coast is known for Dorado and kingfish.

The weather in Dubai demands that you have lightweight clothes especially in the summer. However, if you are going in the winter; you may need to have a jacket in the places that you are going for fishing. In the winter there are plenty of fish and at this time they come to enjoy the warm temperatures. Summer is not the best place to go fishing.

In the summer fish go deep in the sea and it is very hard to having fishing events in this time. However, you can still have fun fishing with your friends when the sun is setting or rising. In full moon in Dubai, it is also a good time to practice your skills in fishing.

Here are few rules that you need to have in mind as you preparing to go fishing in this country; for any hook line fishing in Dubai, you will require a license from the authorities. The cost of getting a license may vary depending on the place. However, if you are only for a short time in the country, it is possible to get a temporarily license from the municipal authorities. When you are getting a license, you ought to carry your passport copy, a passport sized photograph and any other document that will prove your details. If you are going for deep sea fishing, it will depend on the weather and you will have to be approved by Dubai coast guards.


Afternoon Escape on the Water

Who doesn’t love a nice boat ride where it is just you and your loved one or a group of close friends enjoying the salty air and the ocean water? The yacht is considered the top of the line water experience but many individuals cannot afford to purchase one for their very own. This is why the Dubai Marina offers packages for tourists and residents where they can take advantage of all the luxury this vessel has to offer without any of the long term investment costs.

Individuals can easily book their reservation and hire a yacht in Dubai for an afternoon or evening excursion. Select from the many different sizes so that you can make this intimate for two or a party for an entire group to enjoy. It is the ideal business solution when you want to take clients out for a unique experience, especially if they prefer fishing over golf.

Every package has slightly different characteristics to ensure that customers find the deal they are looking for and have complete satisfaction with the experience. You can choose an activity along with a fully catered meal prepared by some of the top chefs in the area, so that you and members of your party are treated to a ‘wine and dine’ event.

You don’t even need a special occasion as an excuse to hire a yacht in Dubai because this makes for a great weekend treat when you just need to get away and relax without the hustle and bustle of the city surrounding you. It is important to book in advance in order to get the dates you want but with the fleet of vessels available, you may also take a chance on last minute reservations. Fun can be had by all on a 33- to 85-foot yacht in Dubai that sails out in the afternoon and brings its passengers back at dusk when the city is just beginning to come alive. If you are looking for something unique and different to do, then this is the ideal option to rent it out and sail with friends and family members as you make memories on water.