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Choosing a Good Yacht Rental Company

Choosing a Good Yacht Rental Company
Your yacht charter experience depends highly on the company providing it. You could waste your money on a disappointing cruise or get more than what you pay for with superb service and amenities. For the best fun times onboard a yacht, don’t settle for less. Check out these tips:
Experience. More years in the business mean deep and wide knowledge about the services they offer. Five years of operations is a good measure of a thriving yacht rental company. They should already be familiar with the nitty-gritty of operating yacht charters and handling any issues.
Yacht quality. A company should offer a varied selection of seaworthy yachts for you to choose from. Newer boats are expensive, so if you’re working on a budget, you can choose yachts that are a bit older but are dutifully maintained. Ask about maintenance and get references to rent yachts that are in tip-top condition despite its age.
Amenities onboard. Check if your yacht rental package meets your needs. A good rental company can customize your charter for you. Do you want more bedrooms for quick naps? Do you want cooking facilities? Do you want a sundeck to sunbathe? Do you want five star gourmet catering or decorations onboard? Ideal packages already include complimentary drinks, fishing gear, and transfers to and from your hotel. Make sure they have safety features as well like full insurance, life jackets, and modern navigation systems.
Competent crew. The human touch is always a big factor in your yacht rental. The captain and crew should be licensed and experienced in navigation and safety at sea. They should be willing to go the extra mile to give you the best cruising experience. If you are fishing in Dubai, it helps to have a captain and crew who are also expert anglers so they can effectively help you catch a fish or two. It will be hard to know the crew’s attitude before boarding, but you can always talk to previous clients or get recommendations from trusted friends.
These are only a few of the basic things to consider when choosing a yacht rental company. Whether you are cruising in Dubai or anywhere else, it does not hurt to choose only the best.