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Dubai celebrates Eid Al Adha

Dubai celebrates Eid Al Adha
A joyful and festive atmosphere is all around Dubai once again as the city is gearing up to celebrate Eid Al Adha this weekend.

Colorful flags, bright multi-colored lights, and lively decorations are all over the city to greet tourists and residents as well as lend a truly joyous vibe to the upcoming holidays.

The flags lining up the roadsides offer Eid greetings, and are strategically placed in Dubai hotspots that include the Dubai Airports Terminals, Sheikh Zayed Road, Gold Souk, Jumeirah, various parks, and all leading malls.

Fireworks displays will also light up the evening skies during the Eid for nine consecutive nights. It will start on October 2 until October 11 at 9 PM, and can be seen over Jumeirah, Umm Suqeim 1, and Kite Beach. So if you are a huge fan of fireworks, you can head down to the beach or take an evening yacht charter, and marvel at the delightful spectacle.

All over the city, ‘Eid in Dubai – Eid Al Adha’ is already in full swing. It is a 17-day festival of shopping and entertainment wonders, which puts everyone into high spirits and a merry mood. It started on September 25, Thursday, and will run until October 11, and features a wide selection of events, activities, and shopping deals for all ages and nationalities during the Eid holidays.

Eid Al Adha or the Festival of the Sacrifice is one of the two religious holidays celebrated by Muslims all over the world every year. It is considered the Greater Eid, and commemorates Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his first born son in honor of God’s command. When God saw Abraham’s faithfulness, he interceded and provided Abraham with a lamb to sacrifice in his son’s place.