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How to prevent or treat seasickness

How to prevent or treat seasickness
When you hire a luxury yacht in Dubai, you expect to enjoy hours of cruising or deep sea fishing around the incredible man-made Palm Jumeirah Island, enjoying the breathtaking sights of the landmarks as you pass them by, and simply having the time of your life with your dearest family or friends.
What you will not expect is the possibility of you or any of your guests getting seasick. It kills the vibe when you suddenly feel dizzy after just a few minutes of cruising. Seasickness is a disturbance in your inner ear that affects your sense of balance. Dizziness, sweating, nausea, vomiting, discomfort, and in worse cases, vertigo happens to the guest suffering from seasickness.
Don’t let seasickness affect your good time on a yacht charter in Dubai. Here are some tips how to prevent it.
Before the cruise If you are already prone to seasickness, be prepared. There are medicines that can be bought over the counter or prescribed by your doctor. Usually, you are required to drink these medicines a couple of hours before your yacht charter starts. It would also help if you get plenty of rest on the night before your scheduled yacht charter. Getting a good night’s sleep before you travel will keep you fresh and alert. You are more susceptible to seasickness if you are tired. Be clean and sober before you take the cruise. A mild hangover can already cause seasickness.
During the cruise If you don’t expect to be seasick but you suddenly are as the cruise is underway, you need to find ways to bring back the balance in your senses. Look up and look out. Stop reading or tinkering with your phones or laptop, and simply look out in the horizon. Seeing the ocean waves will send signals to your brain and other senses to match the rocking movement that you feel. Likewise, sit at the center of the boat or a place onboard where the rocking and rolling is less. Try not to drink too much alcohol when you are onboard as it could increase the dizziness that you are already feeling. Ultimately, you simply have to relax onboard. Do not be anxious or frightened by the ocean or the movement of the boat. It only contributes to your seasickness.
Seasick at sea If you already feel the urge to throw up, go ahead and throw up. Most people feel better almost immediately. Try not to use the toilet or a trash can. Go to the rail or use a bucket, if one is available. You can ask the help of a crew member, and they will guide you where to go. There are also first aid kits onboard with medicines that can help relieve seasickness.
A lot of people experience seasickness. First-timers or even those who regularly go luxury yacht rental in Dubai experience seasickness every now and then. So don’t worry, and take it with stride. Next time you go on a yacht charter, you already know what to do.