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Luxurious Valentines Day on a Yacht

Luxurious Valentines Day on a Yacht
A Nothing is more romantic than spending a weekend with the most special person in your life. An exciting Valentine’s Day 2015 weekend is waiting for all the lovers out there to make the most out of this day of hearts with each other’s company. In Dubai, there are many ways to celebrate this occasion. To make your loved one truly happy, give him or her one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts -- an exclusive yacht charter Dubai.
Relax and be entertained.  Luxury yachts in Dubai usually come with a saloon or lounge that is fitted with comfortable cushions seats as well as modern home theatre and music system. You can practically sit back, put your feet up, and watch your favorite romantic movies together while the yacht cruises along the gentle sea. You can also play or sing each other love songs to fill the air with love.
Cook and dine. If you love to cook and want to prepare your beloved your culinary masterpieces during the cruise, yachts usually have a full-featured kitchen where you can prepare simple dishes. A dining area is also available for you to enjoy your sumptuous Valentine spread. As an alternative, you can also arrange for gourmet catering at an additional charge or you can bring your own pre-cooked feasts free of corkage. Refreshments are offered free of charge on yacht charters.
Enjoy private time. When you hire a luxury yacht in Dubai, you actually get at least one fully furnished bedroom with comfortably soft and clean beds and pillows for you to rest and relax. Enjoy quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and let the sound of the waves all around you lull you to a relaxing slumber in each other’s arms.
Embrace the sights. If you prefer to marvel at the sights and the wide open sea, then you and your sweetheart can lounge in the sundeck instead. Let the invigorating sea breeze wash over you as the yacht slices through the sparkling blue waters. Some yachts have a fly bridge where you can get unobstructed 360-views of the world around you. Gaze in awe at the majestic Burj Al Arab, the incredible The Palm and The World islands, the magical Atlantic The Palm, and so much sights along the way. If you take a sunset cruise, expect to be spellbound in love and romance as you watch the colors of the sun as it bids the day goodbye.
There is so much you can do when you spend your Valentine’s Day on a yacht in Dubai. Romance is multiplied a million times over with the comfort and luxuries on the best yacht rental in Dubai.