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Sights and Sounds of a Yacht Charter Dubai

Sights and Sounds of a Yacht Charter Dubai
Gaze in wonder at the dazzling cityscape of Dubai onboard a luxury yacht charter. As magnificent as the interiors of your yacht, the sights along the cruise route are guaranteed to take your breath away.
Dubai Marina. Your yacht charter Dubai casts off from the Dubai Marina Yacht Club where you admire the bustling environs of this seaside mini-city. Feast your eyes on rows of sleek white yachts lining the docks or stretch your neck at the soaring skyscrapers as life buzzes about in this dynamic community.
Dubai coast. Out of the marina, you head out to the seas passing by pristine golden sand beaches off the coast of Dubai. Your ride boldly slices the waters and sends relaxing sounds of the rushing waves to your ears. Wave a hand as you meet other yachts and catamarans as well as fast and furious jet skis whooshing about.
Burj Al Arab. Up ahead, Burj Al Arab, the world-famous icon of Dubai, stands impressive with its billowing sail design. Your yacht pauses to give you time to take souvenir photos of this landmark which looks even more breathtaking from the sea.
The Palm and The World Islands. True to its name, The Palm is a sprawling artificial island shaped like a palm tree with 16 fronds and a crescent encircling it. On the other side, you get a glimpse of The World Islands which looks like a mini world map when viewed from the skies.
Sunset in Dubai. A truly romantic sunset cruise in Dubai offers mesmerizing views of the Arabian sun as it slowly sinks down the horizon painting the skies with colors of purple, pink and gold that leaves you truly inspired. Feel the world go quiet, holding its breath as the sun kisses the sea goodbye.
Atlantis The Palm. Your yacht rental then shows you magic and mystery courtesy of the picturesque Atlantis, The Palm. Themed around the mythical Lost City with touches of Arabian elements, this hotel-resort is a captivating sight from the waters. You can even hear it luring you in.
Jumeirah Beach Residences. Cruising back to the marina as the night comes, the striking buildings of this high-end neighborhood welcome you back into its arms. Glittering lights and lively nightlife sounds make you feel alive and alert for a fun night out in this rocking metropolis.