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Tips and tricks for fishing in Dubai

Tips and tricks for fishing in Dubai

When you’re in a coastal city like Dubai, it is no surprise that sport fishing has become a popular hobby. It can be both a relaxing and thrilling way to unwind after days of working in the office. Here, you don’t even have to be a professional angler to successfully snag a catch or two. A lot of fishing companies offer services and skilled coaches to help you have an unforgettable fishing in Dubai outing. For newbies, here are some tips to remember when you want to try your hand at fishing.


Do a weather check. Fishing on a bright sunny day is ideal. And you don’t have to worry about bad weather when you’re in Dubai. Any day of the year is practically a good day to go out fishing here.


Find good fishing equipment. Basic gear can help you catch a few fish. But to get a prized catch, you need the best equipment as well. Yacht companies here offer complimentary fishing equipment that is appropriate for deep sea fishing in Dubai, so no worries for newbies.

Know the best fishing spots. You can’t just throw your line anywhere in the sea. Consult local fishermen to get ideas on which spots are good for fishing. It also helps that fishing boats here in Dubai are equipped with fish finders or SONAR that can detect where fishes are plentiful.


Be patient. Fishing requires a lot of waiting. Sit back and relax as your line floats in the sea and does its best to attract a fish or two. The excitement and fulfillment comes when a fish finally bites and you get to reel it in.


Respect the seas. While it may be hard to contain your excitement, avoid boisterous behavior as you might disturb the fishes and other fishermen. In addition, we also need to help preserve our natural resources. Don’t catch more fish than you can eat. If you have no plans of eating your catch, make sure it is well enough to be released back into the seas.

Sailfish, tuna, grouper, kingfish, barracuda and many other fishes abound in this emirate. If you go on a Dubai fishing adventure, world-class fishing boats and a friendly crew will make it the best fishing experience you will ever have in your life.