What to do with your catch

What to do with your catch
Fishing in Dubai is one of the most popular things to do in this booming emirate. With a lot of yacht charter and fishing companies offering their boats, you, your family and friends can have a great time in the rich seas of Dubai catching as many fish as you can enjoy.
Dubai is one of the top sailfish destinations in the world, and it also hosts other marine species like king fish, queen fish, tuna, barracuda, sharks, groupers, cobia, and so much more. Rent a yacht in Dubai and let your captain and crew take you to the deep seas.
After some relaxing time waiting for the fishes to bite, expect a rush of excitement when you feel a tug on your line. Haul that fish in, and take that souvenir photo with your prized catch. Then what do you do after? Here are some options.
Cook your catch. Feel a complete sense of gratification after catching fishes by cooking and eating them – right on the boat! The crew will gladly clean your catch for you, and prepare them for either grilling or frying. Some yachts and fishing boats are equipped with an electric grill and a full-featured kitchen that allows you to prepare your fish any way you want, ready to be devoured while still all fresh and juicy.
Bring it home.  If you don’t feel like eating your fishes right away or if you have caught more than you can eat in one sitting, you can go ahead and bring it home. Clean it properly first, taking out the gills and innards. Then, put them in a cooler or bucket filled with lots and lots of ice. When you get home, put the fishes in the freezer.
Release it back. Catch and release is a special way of fishing. It employs great skill so as not to harm the fish and still make it healthy enough to be released back into the seas. Ask your expert captain and crew if this is something that they can do or help you with.
Go deep sea fishing in Dubai today. Not only will you have a relaxing time out with nature, you will also enjoy the bounties that it brings.