A visit to Atlantis The Palm-The grand icon of Dubai

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Have you seen a magnificent building in the Dubai skyline that resembles a palace? It is Atlantis The Palm, the luxury hotel that surpasses the flamboyance of palaces in every way. It adorns the artificial island called Palm Jumeirah and is the go-to destination for all the top celebrities.

Atlantis has become the proud symbol of Dubai that everyone wishes to see, and only the fortunate can afford a stay. However, there is something which beckons the people across the world to Atlantis. What’s it? Let’s dig deep and find out what’s so special about Atlantis The Palm.

The name Atlantis

What does the name Atlantis denote? Atlantis is the name of an island mentioned in the work of Greek philosopher Plato. In the tale, Atlantis is an empire that was lost underwater. Atlantis The Palm is build based on the theme of the lost island. Everything inside the hotel is designed in line with the marine theme.

Facilities at Hotel Atlantis Dubai

Yes, it’s expensive, but you will get an unforgettable stay. The places of stay at Atlantis are divided into three—rooms, suites, and signature suites. To be brief, the experience that they offer can be described as comfortable, extraordinary, and out-of-the-world, respectively.

The Guest Rooms

TheRooms are comfort zones that offer either the views of the Palm or the Arabian Gulf. The Palm View Room gives fascinating views of the Palm Island, while the Ocean View Room lets you gaze upon the sea.

The Suites

Suites are for those who wish for added luxury. The Terrace Suite offers alfresco dining spots; the Executive Suite provides separate work and dining spaces while the Regal Suite ensures the ultimate getaway experience. All the suites have two-bedroom options.

The Signature Suites

If you have stayed at the opulent signature suites at Atlantis, you will understand that it rightly reflects the myth of the city lost in the ocean. Some of them can make you feel as if you are under the water. The Underwater Suite will transport you to the marine world, and the Royal Bridge Suite offers 360-degree views.

Aquaventure Waterpark

Apart from being one of the most-visited tourist destinations in Dubai, Atlantis also has some of the popular spots in the Middle East inside. Aqauventure Waterpark is in the top list of water theme parks in the Middle East. It has 30 slides and attractions and Dubai’s longest Lazy River. The thrill-seekers can frolic at the pulsating rides while kids will enjoy the Splasher’s Island. Meet the dolphins, sharks and sea lions or relax at the private beach.

Lost Chambers Aquarium

You will find the lost city of Atlantis at the Lost Chambers Aquarium. It is home to 65000 marine animals of varied species. The world of wonder can certainly make kids feel on top of the world. Seahorses, sharks, piranhas, and stingrays are some of the inhibitors of this miniature version of the sea.

Ten different chambers serve as a window to the underwater world with marine life, shipwrecks, and ruins in an attempt to resemble the lost city. Whether you prefer to see the aquarium or become a part of the marine animals, Lost Chambers has options. You can go snorkeling or feed animals with animal experts.

Dolphin Bay

Every experience that you will have at Atlantis is unique in its own sense and will linger in your memory forever. The amicable dolphins at Dolphin Bay can win the hearts of even the tougher ones. There are different dolphin interactions like Dolphin Encounter, Dolphin Adventure, Dolphin Trek, and Dolphin Trek. Children can play with the dolphins, go for an adventurous ride with them, or explore their habitat from below the surface.


Atlantis is not just a hotel; it is a blend of all exquisite lifestyle elements for which it is called the luxury resort. It has five shopping centers, namely Aquaventure Boutique, Barracudas Boutique, Dolphin Bay Boutique, The Lost Chambers Boutique, and Legend Of Atlantis. All of them have marine themes where beach bums can find beach dresses, swimwear, holiday fashion, and souvenirs. 

Restaurants at Atlantis The Palm

The celebrity chefs, award-winning restaurants, and the breathtaking views are just a few of the qualities that adorn the restaurants at Atlantis The Palm. Ossiano seduces the foodies with Mediterranean cuisine served against the backdrop of underwater. Alfresco dining is taken to the next level at the White Beach that enables you to dine at an open-air terrace.

Wavehouse offers one-of-a-kind experience by combining live music, gaming, bowling, and drinks as you enjoy watching a state-of-the-art wave machine. Saffron is the favorite place of the tourists for brunch with more 220 dishes served across six theme nights a week.

How to reach Atlantis Dubai by metro

The easiest option to reach Palm Jumeirah is by taxi; however, it is an expensive option.  If you are traveling by metro, alight at Damac Properties Metro Station, which is connected to Dubai Marina Tram Station. Board the tram to Palm Jumeirah Tram Station. From there, head to the Gateway Monorail Station through which you can get to the Atlantis.  

If you are looking for the ultimate luxurious stay, Atlantis The Palm is for you. The extravagant décor, opulence, signature suites, and mouthwatering cuisine are more than enough to gift a journey of a lifetime.

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