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Graduated from university? Your child’s first birthday? Your wedding anniversary? Name it, and Dubai has something up its sleeve to make every moment of your life just as special and memorable. There is a myriad of ways to celebrate your special days. And yes, it is a great idea to celebrate a usual day and make it special. So, just find the reason or cook up one to have a ripping time in Dubai.

If you adore the sea, celebrate with a relaxing ride on board a luxury yacht or have a sumptuous dinner on a traditional Arabian dhow cruise. Try your hand at fishing and snag a sailfish or tuna during a yacht charter.

Make your dhow cruise more romantic by sailing under the bright moonlit night with the magnificent Dubai skyline standing witness. Dhow is a traditional Arabic boat which has all the modern amenities for your comfort.

Cruise along the Marina Canal to see the luxurious buildings standing on its shore. Affluence is evident in all of them. It is a golden chance to see the Egyptian folk dance Tanoura. A male dancer will spin wearing a skirt of different hues.

Have a look at Ain Dubai, which the whole world is waiting to get unveiled. Ain Dubai is the tallest observation wheel in the world and lies on Bluewaters Island. Dhow cruise is a perfect venue to rejoice. The decorated interiors, picturesque views outside, leisure programs and gliding movement of the water all make it a joyous experience. Looking for a private space? Then, a yacht may be a better option.

Yachts are exclusively for you. If it’s just two of you, hire a small yacht. However, hira large luxurious yachts with many bedrooms if you are planning a grand party. Give the menu beforehand to get your favorite dishes on a special day. 

Those who are looking for some natural venues can plan a trip to the deserts. Deserts in Dubai have been a popular spot for tourists. For the adventurer in you, a desert safari is a perfect way to exult in your triumphs. By taking that roller-coaster journey over the undulating dunes of Dubai, feel the thrill and delight.

Tackle the dunes in an SUV, try sandboarding and quad biking. If you yearn for more, admire the alluring belly dancers.

Paint your hands and feet with artistic henna tattoos or take a nostalgic camel ride to feel like the Bedouins of old. For fun outings within the city, a picnic at Safa Park or Jumeirah Beach where the young and old alike can frolic under the sun is a good alternative. The deep blue water in Jumeirah Beach will give you an urge to dive deep into it at first glance itself.

Spending a day at the Dubai Dolphinarium and the Wild Wadi Waterpark are also superb options for family and friends to bond. Interact with the playful dolphins at the Dolphinarium. Wild Wadi Waterpark is the perfect place for those who are crazy about water rides.

Awaken the child in you and have unlimited fun in the thrilling rides. Foodies can go to the restaurants and malls all over the metropolis which offer a wide array of delectable dishes that give delight to even the most discriminating palates.

If the budget is not at all a problem, choose a venue from the landmarks of Dubai including Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall or Burj Al Arab. Take your partner to the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa to look down at the whole city. It will cost you an arm and a leg. But, believe it, the experience is worth it.

Touching the sky is really awesome and that is the feeling while you stand on its topmost floor. The music fountain and light show will add to the enjoyment. Well, shopaholics will just love Dubai Mall. Don’t miss the underwater zoo and aquarium.

From Arab to Asian to Italian cuisine, you can partake of a toothsome meal loved ones. There are many choices to celebrate your most precious moments and cherish them forever. The possibilities are simply endless in Dubai. 

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