Marina- Another name for unsurpassable luxury and al fresco dining

Dubai Marina2

Whenever we think about Dubai, the record-breaking skyscrapers, aqua blue beaches, nightlife, deserts, and luxury flash through the mind. Once you are in the city, a visit to Marina, the picturesque residential district is unavoidable. The city within the city of Dubai is renowned for its cosmopolitan vibes and opulence.

Marina is the quintessential destination for those who long to experience the splendor in Dubai without bounds. Everyone will fall in love with this artificial canal city set in Riviera-style. The town with spectacular waterfront developments resembles the Venetian cities.

From classy restaurants, waterfront residential areas to shopping centers, Marina beckons everyone to perceive its charm. It is the ideal location to view the skyline of Dubai at dusk.

Marina captures the soul of Dubai, and there you can see the city’s future. Several high-rises make it an inevitable part of the Dubai cityscape. Visit Marina, see its celebrated spots, and indulge in your favorite activities.

Stroll through Marina Walk

Marina Walk, lined with embellished palm trees, is a 7 km promenade with popular restaurants, and shopping centers. The place is ideal for taking a romantic walk, witnessing the affluence of Dubai, enjoying the nightlife, or savoring the different cuisines in the world.

It is a delight to have an al fresco dinner with your loved one. Though the path is undeniably stunning at night, you should visit in the daytime or weekdays if you don’t like the crowd. As it is a favorite spot for tourists as well as residents, Marina Walk is seldom empty.

Marina Mall- Shopper’s paradise

Well, there is no chance that you miss Marina Mall while paying a visit to Marina. It is the star attraction in Marina. The mall has several popular restaurants, film theatres, entertainment venues for children, and shopping centers.

The round-shaped structure adorned with golden designs shows elegance and affluence at its best. The mall spread over four floors have anything and everything to go on a shopping spree.

Jumeirah Beach Residences- Find your dream home

Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR) is a group of residential apartments along the shores of Jumeirah Beach. It lies amidst the Jumeirah Beach and Marina Canal, which itself needs no explanation about the exquisiteness of the location. Those who want to take a break from city life and live on the shores of the serene beach can choose this place to stay. It is a place where people of all ages will enjoy.

Don’t worry about the kids as there are a lot of entertainment at kids craft corner where they can try sand art. You can walk along the beaches and dine in splendid outdoor locations. JBR is one of the most sought residential areas in Dubai.

Bluewaters Island- Wait for the surprise

This is another must-visit place in Marina, which is under construction. It is just a short ride away from Palm Jumeirah. The Island, which is all set to feature some residential apartments and restaurants, is making headlines for having Ain Dubai. Ain Dubai is the tallest observation wheel in the world which is waiting to be unveiled.

Sail on a yacht

The best possible way to explore a waterfront city is from the water. The number of luxury yachts patiently waiting on the shores of Marina will lure you. Get into a yacht, sail across Marina to admire its beauty. Experience the rich living in Dubai while cruising in yachts.

Yacht is a moving five-star restaurant which offers all amenities to ensure your comfort. Gaze upon the mind-blowing architecture of the city from the comfort of the yacht.

Embrace traditions on a Dhow

If you want to taste the traditions of Dubai while seeing the Marina, choose a Dhow cruise. You would have seen the traditional wooden boats passing through the waterways of Dubai. These are floating restaurants which offer spectacular views of Marina along with entertainment on board.

The spots covered in the trip include Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR), Ain Dubai, Marina Mall, and Bluewaters Island.

Thrill-seekers, this way, please

Well, Marina has many things to sate the adrenaline rush of people. When jumping off from heights may seem to be insane to most, some enjoy this activity at its zenith. What is insane for you is something that adds fun to their life. Try some crazy adventures here. BASE (Building, Antenna, Span and Earth) jump can’t get better as Marina has some of the tall buildings in Dubai. 

Jump from the soaring heights and hold on for dear life. Do you think the second tallest building in Marina is an ideal place for BASE jump? If so, rush to the supertall Princess Tower to create a memory of a lifetime.

Admire the heights

Marina takes pride in having some of the tallest and renowned buildings in Dubai. Marina 101 (1417 ft) is the tallest building in Marina. It homes some fabulous restaurants and residential apartments. Princess Tower (1356 ft) is the second tallest building in the Marina. It has 101 floors and 763 apartments. 23 Marina, Elite Residence, the Torch, DAMAC Residenze, Ocean Heights and Cayan Tower are some other tall beauties in the area. 

Among them, Cayan Tower, also known as Twisting Tower and Infinity Tower, is a magnificent sight to behold in Marina. It was the tallest structure in the world in 2013 until Shanghai Tower took the crown.

Marina is the most loved destinations for businesspeople, families, and holidaymakers. Its popularity is growing immensely due to the wide variety of options and activities it provides to the visitors. Visit the place with your favorite people and enjoy the day to the fullest.