Peep into the mysterious marine world at Dubai Aquarium

A giant octopus and two equally huge crocodiles certainly tickled the curiosity of the world and drew travelers from all over to this extraordinary indoor attraction in Dubai. Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo is a stunning attraction in Dubai Mall, which enables people to connect with marine life.

The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo opened its doors to the world in 2008. It currently has over 140 different marine species, including 400 sharks and rays. Recently, it welcomed two humongous additions to its diverse collection of aquatic animals – the King Croc, the largest reptile in captivity, and a giant Pacific octopus.

Penguins, seahorses, otters, piranhas, eels, giant spider crabs, and a wide variety of fishes are peacefully cohabiting in this massive indoor sanctuary for people to marvel at and learn from. It is quite a unique and modern way of connecting to this nation’s heritage, which is deeply rooted in the seas.

The aquarium tank, which is 10-million liters big, is one of the largest suspended aquariums in the world. It gives many exciting ways to see and interact with the aquatic creatures. It takes pride in having the largest collection of sand tiger sharks in the world. Children will whoop with delight as they see countless sea life.

Aquarium Tunnel

Walk along the long tunnel inside the aquarium to feel as if you are amidst the ocean. The tunnel, which is 48 meters long provides a 270-degree view of the aquarium.

Three zones in Dubai Underwater Zoo

The underwater zoo is divided into three zones. They are rainforest area, rocky shore, and the living ocean.

1.  Rainforest area

Animals found in tropical rivers like piranhas and catfish can be seen in the Rainforest Area.

2.  Rocky Shore

Interact with Humboldt penguins at the Rocky Shore. Kids would love to spend some time with these gentle creatures. These penguins stand out with black bands of feathers on their chest and pink patches on their face, feet and under the wings. Spider crabs and Gentoo penguins also inhabit this area.

3.  Living Ocean

Have you ever been under the sea? Feel the real sea with Sea Dragons, Sea Jellies and the deadly fish.  It has the creatures found in the ocean.

Things to do in Dubai aquarium

Thrill and excitement will have no bounds when you are inside the Dubai aquarium. There are several things to do here.

·         Shark feeding encounter: People with adrenaline rush can try this water adventure. Get close with the sharks and see the divers attracting them with buckets of fish. It is an interactive and learning experience where you can watch these predators nearby.  

·         Cage snorkeling: Delve deep into the underwater life. Snorkeling enables you to see the enormous variety of colorful marine species. Gaze upon the incredible creatures while being inside the safety of a cage.

·         Glass-bottom boat ride: Get into a boat with your family to have a great trip in the water. See the fish moving under your feet in the glass-bottom boat ride. The transparent

·         Scuba diving: Those who have always dreamt of scuba diving can make it real here. Learn the art with a certification course provided at the aquarium. Swim along with the sea creatures and perceive the beauty of reefs in different hues.

Underwater party

Dubai aquarium will be a fascinating place for the kids. Make them happier by throwing a birthday party inside the aquarium. Children can get a delightful party while enjoying the spectacular views. This special package offers a guided tour in the aquarium along with games, cakes, and decorations. So this time, don’t buy your child a usual gift. Give a memorable party which is cherished for long.  

Explore this captivating marine world with your favorite people. Take your kids along as it will quench their curiosity to know about marine life.

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