An Exquisite Yacht Experience In Dubai

Yachts in Dubai

Dubai is undeniably the dream destination of everyone. The city welcomes visitors with numerous out-of-the-world experiences from luxurious lifestyle, skydiving, shopping spree to desert adventures and yacht charters. You should try all of them as they together complete the traveling experience in the stunning city of Dubai. A yacht trip must be the priority in your bucket list.

The city takes pride in its elegant and opulent yachts which offer exciting trips in the sea. Charter a yacht to feel the luxury at its zenith. They have cozy master bedrooms, latest television and sound systems, spacious lounges and sun deck.

Some yachts will have a fly deck which will make you feel as if you are flying with the wind. Enjoy an aerial view of the ocean while feeling the fresh air and cool breeze.

As yachts charge extra for food, cook your favorite dishes in the kitchen, order a gourmet meal or take food from home. Premium yachts have Jacuzzi, swimming pools and dedicated cinema halls.

Deep-sea fishing in yachts

Do you love to cook the fish you caught? Then, a yacht trip is a golden chance to try this. Try your luck in the deep sea which is teeming with fish. A professional captain and crew will take the yacht to a point where you will get a good catch.

Fishing equipment will be provided for free when you are aboard the yacht. So, no need to waste time in choosing the right equipment. Wait patiently until the right moment. If you are that go-easy man who enjoys things as they are, this is your game.

Seeing Dubai skyline through water

Dubai skyline is amazing when seen from the water. Be it dawn or dusk, the views appear magnificent for the yachters. See the lustrous skyscrapers in Dubai Marina, the artificial canal city. Cruise along Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR), Ain Dubai, Bluewaters Island and Marina Mall. Atlantis, the renowned hotel is a center of attraction in Palm Jumeirah, the largest man-made island in the world.

The ideal party venue

Yachts are the popular party venue in Dubai. Throw a party for your favorite people on your birthday, celebrate your marriage, wedding anniversary or any significant day in yachts to make it special. Exchanging wedding vows will be more romantic in a beautiful yacht as the ocean stands witness. Create any theme and the crew will be happy to transform the yacht into an adorable party venue.

Adorn them with balloons, cakes, flowers, lights or anything as per your wish. Just be sure that you have discussed everything with the crew beforehand. As you know, arranging something out of the blue would be impossible when you are amidst the ocean. Make a great plan to ensure that all goes well in a yacht party.

A family day out

Whenever your partner or kids request for a getaway, don’t hesitate. They deserve the best and unique gift. Charter a yacht with the most reputed company in the city to give them a memorable journey. Once you have traveled in a yacht, it will take you under its magic spell that you will always feel an urge to return. Spend some intimate moments with your partner and fun time with kids.

A yacht trip is suitable for the informal as well as formal purposes in your life. Relax with your family, have a bash with your friends or hold a business meeting with your colleagues. There are a large variety of yachts to meet your different needs.

Choose the yacht based on the size and cost that you prefer. It is helpful to get some tips from the crew if you meet them before the trip. Have a great time in the yachts! 

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