A guide to eating well on a yacht cruise

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Traveling to different places is like killing two birds with one stone. It enables you to explore new places and also taste some new dishes. Dubai is popular for its delicious Arabic cuisine. Tourists who visit this Emirate are looking forward to savoring some of its unique dishes.

Well, you will get a lot of chances for this as there are several restaurants in the city which offer different cuisines. However, if you are looking for a novel dining experience, charter a yacht.

Yachts offer food for an additional cost. At the same time, eating on a moving boat is different from eating on solid ground. Some tummies might feel too bloated, and some might get seasick.

Here are some basic tips to remember when eating on a yacht cruise:

Drink lots of water: Whether you are simply lounging on the sundeck or doing some fishing, diving, swimming or snorkeling, it is always best to regularly replenish the fluids in your body. Drinks and food loaded in sugar and salt drain water from your body. So take sips of water between bites and anytime during the cruise.

Limit alcohol intake: Both for safety and health reasons, alcohol is not recommended when sailing. Drinking alcohol can leave you dehydrated and, of course, intoxicated. Drinking too much alcohol could result in possible accidents like misusing equipment, harming yourself or other passengers, falling overboard, and other inappropriate behavior.

Load up on fresh fruits and veggies: Include rich salads and abundant fresh fruits in your meal. These healthy options are better than sugary cookies or oily French fries. Avoid takeaway fast food as it is not really a good idea while cruising or deep sea fishing. Light meals are always recommended.

Pace yourself: It is always tempting to pile as much food as you can on your plate. Some might have no problems with it, but some might feel a little queasy from mixing too much variety of food. Take small portions, and if you’re still hungry, you can always go back for another small round.

Eat slowly: Savor each bite. You are on a luxury yacht cruise, so don’t rush your meals. Enjoy your food like you would enjoy your gentle cruise in the waters.

All these are just some tips to ensure that a careless diet doesn’t ruin the nice time. Skillful people can catch fish and cook a tasty meal with them. Having the meal with fish you have caught will taste great. It’s better to cook simple food while aboard. You will miss the fun if you take a lot of time for cooking.

After all, you aim to have fun amid the ocean, right? Grill a barbecue, make a salad or pasta. Keep it as simple as that.

Taste the food during the swift ride in the open sea. Feel the cool breeze, deep blue waters and the marine life. Bon appetit! 

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