Extra Services for Extra Cruising Fun


There are so many remarkable things in Dubai including skyscrapers, deserts, adventure parks and palaces. But, have you seen the moving wonders? They are the elegant white beauties which sail across the sea in Dubai. Sail on a yacht to experience it.

Yacht charters are sheer delight whether you are enjoying a simple sunset cruise with your loved one, having an intimate party with friends on board, or holding a business meeting while sailing.

The luxurious bedrooms, spacious lounges, sun deck, flybridge, swimming pools and Jacuzzi in yachts ensure a great journey by all means. The home theaters and music systems leave few chances for monotony. Cook any of your favorite dishes in the kitchen and serve it hot.

The happy hours can be for a minimum of 2 hours or extend it until you wish. With its luxurious amenities on board, guests will not wish for anything more in terms of comfort and style.

However, if you plan to have a big party for friends and family, additional services are also available at additional yet affordable rates. Add some fun to the party with these elements and it is like a cherry on top. These services remove the hassle of having to prepare them yourselves and enables you to enjoy the party to the fullest. 

Check these additional offerings:

Gourmet catering

If you want food to go with your party or meeting on board the yacht, request a full five-star buffet of sumptuous food. Choose from a menu of Continental, Arabic, European or Asian cuisine. Light refreshments are offered complimentary on board, but if you want the whole deal, get a buffet catering.

Party Decorations

Transforming the yacht to suit your event is an added service. From balloons to flowers to buntings, they will gladly deck the halls and the walls of the yacht to create a rocking party atmosphere. Theme-based parties can also be held in yachts. Just share the plan with the crew and they will take care of the rest.


Make celebrations sweeter with cakes. Birthdays are incomplete without blowing out the candles and cutting a cake. Designer cakes rule the market. Get the best cake for her on her big day.

Disc Jockey (DJ)

While the yachts have a state-of-the-art home theater and music system for your entertainment needs, there is nothing like nonstop music mixing courtesy of a premier DJ which liven up the place. Dance your heart out with live music. Let your DJ know what music you have in mind, and he will gladly play them for you to make your event a memorable one.

Luxury transportation

If you plan to surprise your beloved, luxury pickup services are also available at your request. Spice up your cruise by arriving at the yacht in a stunning Rolls Royce or Limousine. You will truly feel royalty when you hop onto this magnificent ride.

These are only some of the additional services that will make your yacht charter even more enjoyable and memorable. When you plan to have a big party on board or a simple family get-together, you can add fun with additional offers customized to your heart’s delight.


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