A complete guide to host a yacht party in Dubai

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When something great happens in life, you will celebrate to make it memorable and also to share your joy with your loved ones. As it is always said, joy doubles when shared. The significant events like birthdays, marriages, and anniversaries are celebrated with a lot of people to add to the delight.

So, if you are planning to throw a party for your favorite people, choose the ideal destination in Dubai. Think out of the box and come up with a unique venue to impress your guests.

What makes yacht the perfect party venue

For most of the parties, people look for expensive restaurants, waterfront resorts, and auditoriums. But, haven’t they become outdated? You will welcome the guests to the function hall, and they will get seated, have food, and leave. These usual parties don’t have anything to impress the guests or make the party stand out from others.

So, you have to choose a venue where the guests won’t have even a moment of boredom. The yacht is the ideal party venue that offers a distinct experience to all the invitees.

As you cruise in Dubai, you can see the iconic landmarks like Burj Al Arab, Marina, and Palm Jumeirah. All these waterfront developments look stunning from a yacht. Take extra batteries as you will have several photo stops throughout the journey. This is the perfect pick for private parties because you are away from the shore, and there will be only your favorite people.

Booking a yacht

Booking a yacht is just a piece of cake. Once you choose the most reputed tour company in Dubai, everything is at your fingertips. You can check the website, choose the yacht and package, and book it. It is also possible to check the yachts in person if you want it that way. Before booking the yacht, you should make the exact number of guests. This will help you to choose the yacht as each of them has a different capacity.

Facilities on a yacht

Different yachts will have different facilities and keep this in mind while choosing them. Compare the facilities of yachts and choose the one which is suitable for your event. If you are planning to host a grand party with more than 100 guests, you need a party cruise. Pick a swanky yacht with several master bedrooms, spacious lounges, sundeck, Jacuzzis, sundeck, flybridge, and a dance floor. This ensures that there is ample space for all your guests.

yacht charter dubai

Choose the destination

While all the expensive party destinations give you the same views, go for the only venue that provides views that change every minute. The most popular cruising destinations in Dubai are Marina and Palm Jumeirah. If you choose Marina, you will see the skyscrapers that glitter, just like the future of Dubai.

The artificial canal city has everything to steal your glances ranging from a stunning skyline to the upcoming Bluewaters Island. Palm Jumeirah is the largest man-made archipelago in the world, with some of the finest resorts and restaurants in Dubai. You can capture a selfie against the backdrop of the famous Atlantis The Palm resort in Palm Jumeirah.

dubai marina

Decide the duration

You should decide the duration of the party and inform the crew beforehand. While doing this, you should also keep your budget in mind as yachts charge per hour. So, the price will go up as the duration increases.

Choose the time

Cruising time matters because Dubai has different vibes during different times of the day. When the sunlight adds glitter to the skyscrapers during the daytime, twilight will paint red and golden hues in the sky. Nighttime in Dubai is splendid and popular among tourists as the city gets into a festive mood when it gets dark. For the same reason, Dubai is often described as the city that never sleeps.

Order food

Once you have picked the right venue, the next important step is to order food for the guests. Do you want a buffet style or table service? Usually, people prefer buffet style for yachts as they would like to have food while settling at their preferred spots. The crew can arrange a scrumptious meal prepared by expert chefs and choose from Arabic or Continental cuisine. You can also inform them if you or the guests have any special dietary preferences or requirements.

food in yacht

Invite your guests

This is an explicit step when you are hosting a party. However, inviting guests for a party on a yacht is slightly different. Those who are going for such a party for the first time might have some doubts. So, you should give them an idea about the event and the nature of the party on a yacht while inviting them. Remind them about the time of the party and ask them to reach the place in time. 

The most important thing about yacht parties is that the guests who are late may fail to attend the party while they can enter at any time on other usual venues. So, inform your guests that latecomers may have to pay the price.


There are no limits to the entertainment plans that you can make for your yacht trip. You can do anything during the cruising destination to double the fun. Yachts have a state-of-the-art home theatre to play your favorite music. The connoisseurs of music can sing or play instruments. Those who are dreaming about taking the party to the next level can hire a DJ. You can hire one by yourself or leave it to the crew.

Additional services

The additional services provided on yachts means added fun and luxury. When you feel that you need something more to enhance the comfort of your guests, go for the additional services.


The guests should be completely satisfied when they leave after the party. Let the crew know if you need a helping hand in looking after the guests. They can provide a hostess to fulfill the needs of the guests and enhance the luxury of the experience.


Cakes make the party! Order a customized cake, and the crew will arrange it on your special day. You can let them know the design, and your designer cake will wait for you onboard on the day.


The deep blue water and the Dubai skyline are more than enough to steal the hearts of guests. Additionally, you can choose a theme for the party and decorate the yacht according to it. The crew will be happy to adorn the yachts with fresh flowers, party streamers, and balloons. Welcome your guests to a sleek white yacht with red carpet and lounges embellished with lavenders.

Disc jockey

Celebrations are incomplete without music and dance. Ask the crew to get a DJ to dance your heart out on the party night. He/she will play your favorite soundtrack to set the mood of the party. The guests can revel and dance their hearts out.



Reaching the party destination in a Limousine would be just fantastic. Don’t leave any desire unfulfilled when you are in Dubai. Book a luxury car with the crew and reach the venue in style. They can also pick up your special guests in expensive cars. Choose a Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, or any of your favorite models.

Setting a party theme

Setting a theme for your party is a great idea to amuse the guests. It can break the monotony of the usual parties and make the function livelier. You can go for a Bollywood theme if you love grand décor and extravagant costumes or Arabian Nights theme if you want to do it in the Middle East way. Arabian Nights theme is popular for the parties in Dubai as it takes you close to the city’s traditions.

party in yacht

 Dine like a king, enjoy the traditional performances like Belly dance and decorate the yacht reminding the Bedouin tents. Whatever be the theme, let the crew know, and everything will be ready.

Dress code

No need to get your thinking caps on about yacht party dress code. There are no strict rules on what to wear on a yacht. However, dress smart and according to the event. If you have a theme for the party, you can set a color code for the dress. And put on sunscreen and a sun hat if the party is during the daytime so that lazing at the sundeck might not punish your skin.

Try some watersports

The important perk of cruising on a yacht is the chance to get wet. Try some water sports like swimming or snorkeling. Aquaholics can request for the snorkeling gear to float in the Arabian Gulf to see the incredible marine creatures. The colorful reefs and the countless fish look magical as you look through the snorkeling equipment. There is nothing to worry about as the crew will ensure your safety at any cost. So, don’t waste even a moment when you are aboard a yacht.

Tips to remember

  •         Visitors should carry their passports and residents should have their IDs
  •         Buy some seasickness tablets
  •         All guests should follow the instructions of the crew
  •         Avoid taking heavy luggage

A party in the yacht is an occasion when you will appreciate your decision to be in Dubai and realize why people dream of living in this city. The fun and luxurious experiences that the city gives to its people are simply matchless. 

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