Exciting ways to enjoy your honeymoon in Dubai

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The initial days after marriage are truly magical. Both of the partners will be looking for out-of-the-box ideas to express love and impress the other. Choosing the honeymoon destination is a hard nut to crack for many. If you want romantic places, fine dining, adventure, and shopping all at one destination, there is one great choice. Hold his hand and set out for the most memorable trip to the City of Gold, Dubai.  

Couples have oodles of things to do in Dubai. This Emirate always strives to be the best at anything and everything under the sky. Before you begin the trip, gather information about the city, and make a bucket list of fascinating spots. It is the best place to feel like royalty and experience luxury at its best.

Burj Khalifa- Reach the dizzy heights

No trip to Dubai is complete without seeing the renowned Burj Khalifa. This skyscraper has made Dubai stand tall among the top countries in the world. You are fortunate enough to spend some time with your significant other at towering heights. Well, nothing is more amazing than being at the tallest building in the world. Climb to the top and look down at the whole city.

The best time for couples to visit Burj Khalifa is in the evening. The mesmerizing Dubai fountain which lies near Burj Khalifa becomes live at twilight. So as you step into the place with your loved one, raving music and the dancing fountain together will add dramatic colors to your romance. Capture some lovely pictures in the backdrop of the iconic structure.

Yacht charter- Let your dreams afloat 

It will be great when it is water, water everywhere and no one else to obtrude into your little world. Yes, this is exactly what you get when you charter a yacht in Dubai. If you want anything, there is a crew with one or two people at your service.

Yacht charter Dubai
Yacht charter Dubai

You can choose your destination, the duration of cruising, and any programs on board. Isn’t that cool? Order a gourmet meal, try fishing with your partner, listening to music, or cut a customized cake. When you feel like diving deep into the water, try swimming or snorkeling.

Look for the best yacht charter company in Dubai and choose a stylish one in sleek white.

Jumeirah Beach- Romance on the seashore

Sometimes, simple things bring joy. Just as walking hand-in-hand with your love on a seashore can be enticing. With turquoise blue water and views of Burj Al Arab, this beach lures the romantic souls. Strolling through the gleaming white sand while enjoying the cool sea breeze is refreshing.

Honeymoon in Dubai
Honeymoon in Dubai

Dhow cruise- Dine out with your love

The ideal gift for a foodie partner is the food itself. In Dubai, there is an exceptional dining experience which even the top-notch restaurants cannot give. It is the popular Dhow cruise dinner. Behold the beauty of the city on a traditional Dhow, which is a wooden boat used for trade in the early days. Nowadays, it is a major tourist attraction in Dubai.

See the stunning skyline, enjoy the leisure programs like Tanoura dance and have a toothsome dinner. Dhow offers the ideal ambiance for a romantic dinner. Reserve a table for two of you and savor every bite while admiring the spellbinding views.

Burj Al Arab- Live a royal life

Do you think breaking the bank is not a big deal if it is for her? Then, take her to Burj Al Arab, where affluence overflows everywhere. Here, you won’t regret spending the money as you will live like a king and queen. The sail-shaped wonder is a seven-star restaurant, which is the icon of Arabian luxury.

Honeymoon in Dubai
Honeymoon in Dubai

The premium bedrooms, man-made beach, and mouthwatering cuisine make Burj Arab all-time favorite of tourists as well as residents. Have a sumptuous lunch at Al Mahara while beholding the spellbinding sights of marine life. The underwater restaurant will give you a fantastic dining experience.

Dubai Mall- For the shopaholic couple

Dubai mall is the ultimate and largest shopping destination for you. With the most popular brands, entertainment spots, and classy restaurants, you would lose track of time. Once you are done with the shopping, have some fun together at the snow at Dubai Ice Rink, see the mysterious marine world at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo or watch a movie in the deluxe theatre.

Don’t forget to see the replica of Creek Tower which will soon steal the coveted title from Burj Khalifa. Creek Tower is going to be the tallest building in the world once its construction is completed.

Skydiving – Feel love in the air

When you are amid the tallest buildings in the world, skydiving is taken to the next level. Going for a movie, dinner, and shopping will all give only momentary happiness. If you want to try something crazy and memorable for a whole lifetime, go for the wildest option.

See the architectural feat in Dubai from a point that is seldom tried. It will be a moment when you can’t make it if it’s a dream or real. Palm Jumeirah, Marina, and all the high rises will be beneath your feet.

Desert safari- Fun in the sands

The couples who admire natural beauty must visit the deserts in Dubai. If the skyscrapers, beaches, and shopping malls are too usual for you, desert is the perfect option. Nothing can surpass the red dunes of Dubai. The fun, adventure, and soulful ambiance that these vast stretch of the land offer is beyond your imagination.

The trip will begin with a thrilling dune bashing in which an SUV vehicle will glide over the tall dunes. Try some adventure in the sand, including sandboarding, quad biking, and camel riding. Then, you will be taken to the traditional Bedouin camps.

As you relax by having some light refreshments, the entertainment shows will start. Celebrate the night while watching Tanoura and Belly dance. This unique journey will end with a delicious dinner buffet.

The honeymoon trip will give you a handful of memories that both of you will treasure forever. Choose that one destination which will provide you with all reasons to be over the moon. Search for the company which provides best honeymoon packages in Dubai.

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