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Marriage is the most significant day of your life. Dubai offers some of the soulful venues for weddings. Make the wedding day unique by chartering a yacht in Dubai. Tying the knot while sailing on a luxury yacht is a dream moment. There is no better destination for wedding like a gorgeous white yacht.

When all the expensive restaurants and outdoor locations provide mundane settings like a stage, the same views, and decorations, this nautical wedding will bring a sea change. The bride and groom will step into an adorned yacht, walk through the red carpet, and exchange vows when they are in the midst of the deep blue ocean. A wedding can’t get more romantic than this.

Bear these things in your mind before having your marriage on a yacht:

Number of guests

When compared to the other venues, yachts can have a limited number of guests. The maximum number of guests you can have onboard is 200. So, this is the one for couples who wish for a simple wedding amid their most favorite people. Decide the number of guests well beforehand and choose a yacht accordingly. Different yachts have a different capacity ranging from 2 to 200. You can choose the one which best suits your plans.

Additional services

Additional services mean added fun. Yachts offer some services upon the requests of the customers. Happiness doubles with cakes. Cut a cake with your beloved on your wedding. You can request for a customized cake which will be ready on the day. Having a DJ onboard is a great idea as a party is incomplete without dance. Yacht charter companies will arrange a DJ who will make you groove to rock music.

Things you have to do

It is your responsibility to arrange everything for the big day except for the services mentioned above. You will have to hire event planners to make everything go smooth on the day. Make sure that the event planner has experience in arranging weddings on a yacht.

The charter company will provide a magnificent luxury yacht which you choose, and all other things are up to you. So, it is important to plan and execute everything well as once you have started the journey; going back is not so easy.

Serving food- Table service/buffet

You can order a gourmet meal of international cuisines for the special day. However, you should decide if it will be a sit-down service or a buffet. A buffet is the better option on a yacht as the guests would like to have the feast while enjoying the views in the open air. They can choose dishes as per their taste and relish it at a spot which they like.

Wedding in yacht

Table service is also a popular option but may be difficult on a yacht due to limited space. If you need hostesses to serve your guests well, you can inform the crew in advance.

Make a perfect plan

Efficient planning is the key to have an outstanding wedding party on the yacht. While inviting guests, you should give them a few tips about the wedding venue as it is different from the usual ones. Consider seasickness and have the remedies in place.

Be on time

Timeliness is crucial for a party on a yacht. The couple can take their own time and enter the boat when they wish as they are the stars of the day. But, once they have boarded the yacht, the guests who come late may miss the party. Yes, being late can make you pay a huge price when the yacht is the destination. By the time you reach the spot, the yacht may have left. So, the guests must be informed about the importance of reaching the venue on time.

Consider the weather

There are two distinct seasons in Dubai- Summer and Winter. It is scorching hot during the summer, as you know, Dubai is a desert land. On the contrary, winter is just awesome. Even when the yachts are air-conditioned, it is better to have your wedding during winter. Then, you can enjoy the cool breeze, fresh air, and a flock of beautiful migratory birds. This will be the best cruising experience for you as well as the guests.

Wedding in yacht

Let flowers speak

Don’t forget the flowers. They are an inevitable part of a wedding. Hire a skilled florist to embellish the yacht with beautiful flowers. The different hues and fragrances will set the perfect ambiance for the solemn ceremony. Most of the times, the event planner will take care of all these things. However, inquire about this and if not, hire one by yourself.

You can also add the flowers as per theme if you have anything in your mind. The yacht charter companies provide creative freedom to make your day most memorable.

Once you have made a proper plan, you should know the positives of getting hitched on a yacht. This will make you convinced that you have taken the right decision. So, have a look at them:

·         The ever-changing views

When you have chosen a yacht for your wedding, the views will be changing every minute. You can pick more than one destination like Marina and Palm Jumeirah. The guests will be elated to witness the ever-changing scenery which no other restaurants and outdoor locations can give.  

·         A private ceremony

If the marriage is on a yacht, you will get utmost privacy as there will be no unsolicited guests or spectators. There will be nothing that is out of your plan. You are away from the noise of the hectic city and the honking vehicles too. The tranquil aquamarine waves will surround you.

·         Flexible schedules

As you hire a yacht for your wedding, the cruising time, location, and everything that happens onboard are decided by you. You can decide on the location and inform the crew. The only thing which you have to ensure in advance is the availability of the yacht. So, it is always better to choose the yacht and inform the crew well before the event. Kindly avoid the last-minute rush for all the right reasons.

Wedding in yachts

·         Great photo stops

When it comes to photos, you will get some of the best clicks on your nuptial cruise. The flybridge, swimming pools, and lounges are all excellent spots for capturing romantic pictures that you can cherish forever. Make people say wow by adding them on your Instagram stories.

·         Treat for guests

The wedding party on a yacht will be a treat for all the guests. With the eye-popping sights, cool breeze, and luxurious amenities, they will have a delightful time throughout the day.

·         A rocking celebration

The celebration has no bounds if it is inside a yacht. You can dance your heart out as only your near and dear are around. A DJ and rocking music will spice up the day. Yachts have a state-of-the-art music system to take your parties to the next level.

Don’t make any compromises, because it is your big day. Realize your dreams on an amazing yacht in Dubai. Choose the best charter company in the city to complete the experience. Weddings become eternal when it is celebrated on a yacht and the sea is the most auspicious witness for the ceremony. 

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