Luxurious Valentines Day on a Yacht

party in yacht

Valentine’s Day is an occasion for the lovers to spend some time together, linger the beautiful memories and hope for many more beautiful days. All lovers will be busy in thinking about giving the best possible gift under the sky for their partner. Impressing your mate is not that tough if you are in Dubai. The city has many wonders which can leave you speechless.

If you intend to give a most memorable day to your beloved, hire a yacht. It would be a gift that someone doesn’t usually dream of. So, be that crazy lover who always goes beyond the extraordinary for someone special. Cruise through the most romantic spots in Dubai to have a memorable day. Romance is multiplied a million times over with the comfort and luxuries on the best yacht rental in Dubai.

Entertain your beloved

Yacht is the best place to relax. Sit back, feel the cool breeze, enjoy the gliding movement and listen to the music of the waves. Sing some romantic songs to your partner or play an instrument. Let the music in your heart travel to hers. Sing each other some love songs and fill the air with lots of love. Yachts also offer entertainment shows if requested. You can also see movies or listen to songs inside the yacht.

Have a candle light dinner

Having a sumptuous dinner with your loved one can be a great experience. Both of you can relish a candle light dinner inside the yacht. Inform the crew beforehand so that you can find the right ambiance and decorations. The meals might cost you a little extra. However, you have unlimited refreshments on board.

You can customize the whole yacht that every nook and cranny of the yacht will be designed according to your plan. It is a good idea to set a theme that can allure your partner and adorn the yacht based on this. If you are a good cook, make the favorite dishes for your companion. There is no better way to impress someone.

Embrace the sights

While you will have a nice time inside the yacht, don’t miss the amazing places through which the yacht moves. See the spending skyline in Marina which includes the luxurious waterfront apartments in Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR), Ain Dubai and Bluewaters Island. You can also admire the beauty of Palm Jumeirah, the largest man-made island in the world. Some yachts have a flybridge where you can get unobstructed views of the world around you. 

See the fabulous sunset

If you take a sunset cruise, expect to be spellbound in love and romance as you watch the colors of the sun as it bids the day goodbye. Sunset is just amazing when seen from a yacht. The sun disappears in the waves leaving red shades. Hold each other’s hands and linger the sight.

Enjoy private time

When you hire a luxury yacht in Dubai, you actually get at least one fully furnished bedroom with comfortably soft beds and pillows for you to relax. Enjoy quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and let the sound of the waves lull you to a relaxing slumber in each other’s arms.

Cut a piece of love together

Everyone loves surprises. How about a surprise cake for someone special? It is a sweet gift on the special day. Order a cake in advance and cut it together amid the waves. It will be a lovely moment which both of you cherish for a lifetime.

Make every moment of your Valentine’s Day special by booking a luxury yacht. Choose the most reputed company to get the best experience.






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