What to Bring on a Yacht Trip

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In essence, going on a yacht charter means going on a vacation. If you are taking an exciting cruise in Dubai, leave all your worries and any unnecessary belongings behind even if you are only cruising for a few hours. The idea is to relax and have fun with your family or your best buddies. Here is a checklist of what to bring and what not to bring on a yacht charter:

What to bring

    • Passport, visa, or any valid ID: Dubai Coast Guard requires passengers to carry valid identification proofs with them for security purposes.
    • Sunglasses, hats, and sunblock: If you are heading out during the daytime, bring extra protection for your eyes and skin. Prolonged exposure to the sun is not good for your health. Enjoy the trip without getting tensed about your skin.
    • Medication, if needed: Yacht charters are required to have a first aid kit on board, but it is best to bring your medicines for seasickness, allergies, and headaches, especially if your doctor prescribes them.
    • Camera: Cruising in Dubai takes you to the most beautiful sights from the seas. Make sure you have the best camera to take souvenir shots as precious reminders of your cruise. Capture the sunset with all the different hues leaving shades on the waves.
    • Your favorite music: Yachts are equipped with a modern music system as well as their own selection of music. Bring your favorite tunes to enjoy your time cruising or fishing.
    • Swimwear and towels: If you plan to go swimming or snorkeling, make sure to bring your swimsuit. Towels are available on the yacht, but for hygiene purposes, bring your towels.
    • Comfortable clothes: Wear something that fits your activity on the yacht. Light casual wear is recommended. During the cold winter days, bring a shawl or jacket.
    • Home-made food: Yachts usually charge for food. It is a great idea to take food from your home. You can order food from catering services or cook as well.
  • An adequate amount of cash: Bring a sufficient amount to pay for your charter and other services that you have ordered for your cruise.

What not to bring

    • Expensive jewelry and valuables: Leave all the gold at home where they are safer. In emergency cases, the priority of captain and crew is the life of the passengers.
  • Watches that are not waterproof: The wind and mist from the sea may damage your watch if it is not built to be waterproof.

Bring your best attitude and your brightest smile on a yacht cruise in Dubai. It’s not about possessions, but the memories that the trip gives. Have a great time cruising or fishing in the sparkling waters.


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