Witness the Spectacular Hues of Twilight

Who doesn’t love a nice boat ride where it is just you and your loved one or a group of close friends enjoying the cool breeze and waves? The yacht is considered the top-of-the-line water experience but many individuals cannot afford to purchase one for their very own.

There is no need to get disappointed, though. Several yachts are available at Dubai Marina with affordable packages for tourists and residents where they perceive all the luxury of yachts without any of the long term investment costs.

Individuals can easily make a reservation and hire a yacht in Dubai for an afternoon or evening excursion. Select from the many different sizes so that you can make this intimate for two or a party for an entire group to enjoy. It is the ideal business solution when you want to take clients out for an interesting trip, especially if they prefer deep-sea fishing.

You can either sit in the luxurious air-conditioned room or feel the fresh air at the sun deck. The main difference between a dhow cruise and a yacht is that the latter doesn’t have a set pattern. It flows freely just like the sea. You can plan anything under the sky to spice up the trip. There are no set programs and schedule for the yachts. Everything is up to you.

A treat for the taste buds

Every package has slightly different features to ensure that customers find the deal they are looking for and have complete satisfaction in the journey. Choose an activity along with a fully catered meal prepared by some of the top chefs in the area. There is a small kitchen on yachts which enable you to cook your favorite dishes. Light refreshments are provided on board free of cost.

Sunset cruise

Witness the spectacular hues of twilight on a yacht. The sunset seems amazing when you are amid the ocean. The waves, cool breeze, and the yacht will give a great ambiance to gaze upon the sunset. It is going to be the best evening of your life. See the sun bidding adieu to the day and disappearing in the waves.

Do you love music?

Music lovers play their favorite tracks in the yachts. Latest and greatest sound systems are available in the yachts. You can also sing or play instruments for your loved ones.

 When to hire a yacht

You don’t even need a special occasion to hire a yacht in Dubai because this makes for a great weekend treat when you just need to get away and relax without the hustle and bustle of the city. Hire a yacht on an ordinary day and make it extraordinary. It is important to book in advance in order to get the dates you want. But with the fleet of vessels available, you may also take a chance on last-minute reservations.

It is party time

Fun can be had by all on a 33- to 85-foot yacht in Dubai that sails out in the afternoon and brings its passengers back at dusk when the city is just beginning to come alive. There are huge yachts which can accommodate up to 800 guests. Take your grand parties to the next level by organizing it on a yacht. You can hold your marriage on a yacht to make it an unforgettable event.

If you are looking for something unique and different to do, then this is the ideal option to rent it out and sail with friends and family members as you make memories on the water. A trip on a yacht is unsurpassable that you will crave to have again in life. Gift a memorable day to your love, family, friends or colleagues. The journey will be perfect when you choose the best company to hire a yacht. 

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