The Secret Beach in Dubai – Al Sufouh Beach

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You have always wanted to go to the beach in Dubai in a secret romantic evening with your loved one. To enjoy the sunset, the sound of the waves, and have some alone time.

But when you finally get to the beach. It looks more like this.

A busy day at the beach

OK. That is not romantic at all. That’s like the Grand Central Station on a Thursday afternoon.

At the peak of the tourist season in Dubai, beaches can get quite a bit crowded. It will still be fine if all you want is to enjoy the breeze, partake in some water sports and sunbathing. But they might not be the best places to enjoy a romantic evening or some quiet and peaceful time with kids.

But I am going to pass on that untold information to you now. There is a secret beach in Dubai where the crowd will be sparse even when the weather is great. Despite the prime location and amazing views from the beach, not many people even know that such a beach exists in Dubai.

The Black Palace Beach

Aka the Secret Beach

Tucked between a long array of Royal Palaces, there is the Al Sufouh beach, which is also called the Black Palace beach. Because the beach is hiding in plain sight, some also call it ‘The Secret Beach’.

The entrance to this beach is barely noticeable and can be easily missed if you are not really looking for it. There are no large sign boards or any significant landmark near the access point. Furthermore, long rows of palm trees hide the beach, leaving only a small gap in the middle for the entrance.

What is the best thing about this beach? The answer depends on whom you ask and can often be polarising. Some say it is the view. Located right between the iconic sail-shaped symbol of luxury, the Burj Al Arab and the man-made wonder, the Palm Jumeirah, you have magnificent scenery from the beach regardless of where you look.

Others say it is the privacy that draws them to the beach. That’s true too. This place never gets crowded. In fact, some times, it will be just you and a few other people on the beach. The pristine white sand of the beach that stretches for two and a half kilometers is ideal to have a mosey around. You can easily find a comfortable spot with privacy even on the busiest days. Swimming is another excellent activity to do on the beach, even for children. Because it is shallow, you can safely take the younger ones into the water. There are also some nice spots for beach volleyball and football.

In reality, it is the combination of both that brings people to the Black Palace beach even though it does not boast any typical tourist attraction.

Things to know before you visit the Secret Beach

But there is a catch to all of these. There are no restaurants, shower rooms, or toilets on the beach. So when you come here, it is a good idea to take water and snacks with you. 

This is how a crowded day on the Secret Beach looks like.

There are no facilities for water sports on the beach. The shallow waters are not suitable for any of those either. Nonetheless, the water is crystal clear, and underwater visibility is great. Swim around and explore the underwater views with only a snorkel. You won’t find any snorkel gear rental here, so you will have to bring your own. You are allowed to swim in the water until sunset.

Only a few tourists actually know about this place. Therefore, most people that come here are expats on their evening day out with their families. Some time ago, there was not even a lifeguard on this beach. But now the authorities have set up a lifeguard post. The place is lacking in every other amenity, though. This is the main reason why there aren’t many tourists here in the first place. 

Having a great family time at al sufouh beach
Spending time with family on the Black Palace Beach.

If all you want is a peaceful time enjoying the beach vibe and to spend time quality time with the family, this secret beach in Dubai is a great choice. Not to mention the stunning views of Palm Island and Burj Al Arab. There seem to be future plans by the authorities to develop this area into another tourist attraction like La Mer. But for the time being, this remains a hidden gem in Dubai. Other than Al Sufouh beach, a beach less crowded than most others but with a little more facilities is the Mercato beach.

Other than meandering on the beaches, another way to experience the beauty and tranquility of the sea is to go to the deep waters on a yacht. There are several options to rent a yacht. If you are into fishing, you can choose a fishing boat. Renting a fishing boat also comes with a few perks. You get a crew with expert fishers and can use the state of the art fishing equipment on the yacht. On the other hand, a sunset cruise on a yacht takes you to the sea to witness the sun drowning beneath the horizon painting the sky red and orange. There are even large party boats with custom services to throw big parties.

How to reach Al Sufouh Beach

The easiest way to get here is to take a car. There is plenty of parking space as well. Even though you can take public transportation to Al Sufouh, it will take you almost a mile walk to get to the beach. 

If you are in a car, you should drive south through the Al Sufouh road. You will find the entrance to the beach on your right side after a series of palaces that lie on the coast. One thing you should be careful is that the access to the beach is a narrow sandy path between the line of palm trees. If you do not look carefully, you will definitely miss it. And if you miss that exit, you will have to go all the way around again for two kilometers.

Dos and Don’ts on the beaches in Dubai

  • Don’t wear the beach wears outside the beach area. Don’t walk in the streets with your swimming trunks either.
  • Even when you are on the beach, wear clothes that offer a little more coverage than what you would wear in the west. Also, don’t change in public view. When there are no changing stations nearby, use the cover of a large towel.
  • Some beaches have one day in the week as ladies’ day. On those days, men are not allowed on the beaches without families.
  • Public display of affection is not allowed anywhere.
  • Alcohol consumption in public is illegal and can get you arrested.
  • Littering the beaches is punishable. It is an easy way to get fined.
  • Don’t take pictures of other beach-goers.
  • Fishing is only allowed in certain locations. Moreover, you are must have a license to fish in Dubai.

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