Have an opulent party in a yacht

Happiness doubles when shared. When something significant happens in your life and you are planning to host a party, don’t think twice. Party is all about a delightful day with the loved ones who rejoice at your fortune.

If you want to impress your guests with a different venue, charter a yacht. There is nothing like a memorable yacht party in Dubai. Book a party cruise in Dubai or make a special trip to climb aboard an amazing yacht. A yacht party is a great way to experience Dubai from the water.

Weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate parties or whatever be the occasion, make it exceptional with yachts. It would be splendid if you tie the knot amid the ocean while the yacht moves across the Dubai skyline. It will be a remarkable memory for you as well as the guests. Every moment of the day will be awesome and you will have thousands of things around you to get thrilled.

Add some more fun by setting a theme that is in harmony with your function. And you know, there is a lot that you can do at a yacht party. The options are limitless and it is up to you to explore and find the atypical one. 

You can even arrange a visit to the yacht before booking. Go inside and see the facilities up close. If you want transport to and from the yacht for the guests, that too can be made available at a little extra cost. Yachts are berthed at Dubai Marina Yacht Club.

At the Marina you and your guests will board a luxury yacht where a professional captain and crew ‘ll greet you. A spacious private bedroom with the latest audio and video systems will make you comfortable. Order the dishes to the crew in advance so that your guests can relish some great dishes.

You’ll discover a large deck where you can relax and socialize. Light refreshments will be served and there is a state-of-the-art surround sound to play all of your favorite music. If your guests love to fish, then modern fishing equipment including a fish finder is provided. 

The main advantage of hiring a yacht for the party is that every nook and cranny of it can be customized to meet your needs. You will have the final word on the interior decorations, types of food and leisure activities. When you book your yacht party, be sure to talk about your expectations and the staff will do their best to make the party a memorable experience for everyone.

You can get live music with a disc jockey to dance your heart out. Besides, you may want party decorations, a birthday cake, or gourmet catered food. You can discuss these arrangements at the time you book your yacht party. You should choose the size of the yacht based on the number of your guests.

There are small yachts which can accommodate eight people to large party boats for 800 guests. So you have a myriad of choice of yachts before you for the party. If you wish for a bash with a handful of friends, charter a small yacht.

For the grand parties, hire a large party cruise. They will have many bedrooms, master suits with sunroof, swimming pools, glass balcony and what not. They are the ultimate choice for opulent parties. If you are looking for an option to leave your guests awestruck, this is it.

Whether your party is to celebrate a birthday or if it is just a gathering of friends, you will undoubtedly have a good time. Spend the hours listening to music and admiring the breathtaking views and having delicious food. Dance on the deck or relax on a lounge chair. A yacht party in Dubai will linger in your memories for a lifetime.

Give a sumptuous treat to your guests. Celebrate each moment of your life. Your celebrations are complete if it is in a luxurious yacht. 

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