The Heart of Europe Comes to Dubai


How exciting is it to have breakfast in France, lunch in Italy, and dinner in Germany all in one day? In Dubai, the famed The World islands are once again abuzz with activity as The Heart of Europe (THOE) project start development on its own set of islands. On top of that, it has gotten a seaplane company to fly guests to and from it.

The World is simply a stunning spectacle from the skies. It gives everyone a miniature view of the world all marvelously sprawled off the coast of Dubai and stretching out to the Persian Gulf. The artificial archipelago depicts the world map, and THOE developer Kleindienst Group took first dibs to get their part up and running.

THOE is made up of six of the 300 islands, each capturing different facets of Europe. Current works are ongoing on the Germany and Sweden islands. There is also the main island called Europe as well as islands named after Monaco, Switzerland, and the Russian city of St. Petersburg. According to the developers, the plan is to make a premier island destination in Dubai. They are building five-star and boutique hotels, villas, retail and dining outlets all ready for launch in 2016.

There will be climate-controlled areas where you can dance in the rain or stroll down snow-lined streets. There will be an open aquarium, a convention center, as well as the Empress Elizabeth Hotel and the Mont-Royal family hotel which features a floor under water and some floating villas. Several food and beverage outlets showcasing something from each European country will also be quite the treat where guests can have a sumptuous European gastronomic journey all in one day.

THOE partnered with seaplane tour operator Seawings to promote The World islands and offer guests the ultimate holiday experience. Seawings will fly guests over the man-made countries as well as the scenic coastline of this flourishing Arabian paradise. Seaplane trips add to the numerous transport facilities being put in place for The World. This includes Dubai RTA’s water taxi and ferry services as well as luxury yacht charters to and from the islands.

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