Zero Gravity Flights Coming to Dubai


Nothing could be a more fitting prelude to the much-awaited UAE space program than a zero gravity experience in Dubai. Know what it’s like to be weightless for minutes as you climb aboard zero gravity flights and feel like an astronaut out on a mission in space.

This experience is usually reserved only for scientists and astronauts as part of their training. Now, they can be yours as well, thanks to Swiss Space Systems (S3). S3 makes this experience available by offering it to more than 15 locations all over the world in Asia, the Middle East, and Central America through their motto, space for all S3 uses modified Airbus planes to perform breathtaking mid-air maneuvers called parabolas which provide passengers a burst of weightlessness over the course of the flight.

It stimulates zero gravity by climbing a steep 45-degree angle to about 34,000 feet and then diving back at the same incline. It is before the dive back that passengers totally lose the pull of gravity for a good 25 seconds. Up there, you can float around, and do somersaults, flips, or tumbles in the air inside the plane. It may sound a tad bit nauseous to some, but you have to admit, it is an exciting experience that’s worth a try. Know more about zero gravity flights and book your tickets to this adrenaline-pumping action at

Flights from the UAE cost Dhs10,000. For a customized experience, a VIP room is also available for Dhs245,000. Space professionals supervise the entire journey and make sure you are guaranteed a truly unforgettable and safe weightless flight. After all the yacht cruising and deep sea fishing that you have done in Dubai, this is truly another unique adventure that you should not miss. Zero gravity flights are most definitely the only flights where you don’t have to buckle up and fasten your seat belts.

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