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Fishing is one of the most peaceful activities that you can engage in; it is rewarding and fulfilling. Whether you are going fishing with your friends or family members, it is the right kind of outdoor sport that you would love to do. It is a chance to catch plenty of fish. You don’t need to be a professional angler to go fishing. Newbies can also try their hand in fishing and learn.

In the city of Dubai, deep-sea fishing is most popular among enthusiastic anglers; particularly if you love to be in the deep waters. Dubai has become a known destination for fishing activities and holding events for people to compete in fishing. The water that is normally teeming with fish has made Dubai a great destination for thousands of people and tourists.

Fishing in Dubai is for everyone, it does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional in this sport. The Arabian Gulf waters are full of fish like a fluke, bluefish, flounder, and striped bass, barracuda and small sharks among others. This makes Dubai a favorite place where you can hone your skills in fishing.

Dubai has yacht companies that provide you with equipment to go fishing. You can get fishing boats that have specially trained captains to take you on a fishing expedition in Dubai. You will also get quality fishing tools to use during fishing. Go for activities like coastal cruising and other water activities. Cook the fish in the kitchen and serve them hot.

There are special places in Dubai that you should consider when going fishing. The spots are great and offer extra fun; the Dubai Creek, Jebel Ali free zone is full of Kingfish and Hammour The places near Maktoum Bridge are also favorite spots for fishing.

The weather in Dubai demands that you have lightweight clothes, especially in summer. Take sunglasses and sunscreen so that your skin isn’t hurt. However, you may need a jacket if you are going in winter. In winter there is abundant fish and at this time they come on the surface to enjoy the warm temperatures.

Have fun fishing experience with your friends during twilight or sunrise. It is also great to practise your skills during full moon.

Here are a few rules that you need to have in mind as you prepare to go fishing in this country; for any hook line fishing in Dubai, you will require a license from the authorities. The cost of getting a license may vary depending on the place. However, if you are only for a short time in the country, it is possible to get a temporary permit from the municipal authorities.

When you are getting a license, you ought to carry your copy of passport, a passport-sized photograph and any other relevant documents. If you are going for deep sea fishing, you should consider the weather and you need approval by Dubai coast guards.

A good idea is to hire a yacht which goes for fishing. Then, you need not worry about the license, the fishing equipment or the like. The crew will provide everything and you can have a stress-free trip. It is also safe to go with a professional group as they have deep knowledge about this.

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