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The Best Coastal Cruises And Deep Sea Fishing In Dubai

Founded in 2006, Al Wasl Charters provides premium tours, cruises, and fishing trips for Dubai residents and tourists. Since our home base is directly in Dubai, we have close contact with our guests to quickly provide them with whatever they need for their cruise or fishing experience.

The Al Wasl Team

The leader of our company, Mr. Ishrat Ali Khan, has over 17 years of experience in the hospitality and tourism industries. Along with a dynamic team of professionals, he ensures that the company develops and delivers quality products and services at competitive rates. The Al Wasl captains, service staff, reservation executives, crew members, and maintenance crew all go above and beyond the expected to offer guests a fantastic experience.

Our Tourism Products And Services

We have sports fishing boats and cruise yachts in various sizes, starting with our elegant 33-foot sports fishing boat and going all the way up to our gleaming 85-foot yacht. We also have a catamaran available for charter. Complimentary fishing gear and snorkeling equipment, top-of-the-line furnishings and facilities, and friendly, experienced staff make As Wasl the ideal choice for your next venture into the blue waters along the beautiful Dubai coastline. If you want to add a touch of luxe to your experience, we offer additions to our charter packages, including hostess service, luxury transportation, party decorations, gourmet cuisine, and more.

Other Companies In Our Group

Al Wasl Charters is part of a larger group that includes several leading companies in the tourism industry.
Oasis Palm Tourism LLC provides tours and excursions of various kinds. Asia Pacific Travels & Tourism supplies destination management and travel planning for its customers. AWD Floating Restaurant LLC. – Offers specialized dhow cruises.
I appreciate your interest in Al Wasl Charters! You can count on us for competitive pricing and exceptional service. Call or email us so that we can schedule your Dubai cruise or fishing trip today!

Company Details

  • Registered Company Name: Al Wasl Passenger Yachts and Boats Rental LLC
  • Commercial License #: 587505
  • Commercial Register #: 1025238
  • Home Office Location: Office No. 207, Al Owais Building, Airport Road, Dubai, UAE
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 80622, Dubai, UAE.

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