Additional Services

Customize your cruise experience today!

From gourmet cuisine to hostess service to luxury transportation, Al Wasl Charters offers a variety of extras that make your cruise even more perfect. Each service adds a fee to the total package, but you will get immense value for the yacht rental price. Remember, it’s your experience, and you are worth it!


Feeling Hungry?

Our skilled chefs will prepare delicious food made to order aboard the yacht at your request. Savor five-star cuisine to match the five-star view you will enjoy during your cruise. When you book your cruise or fishing trip, let our reservation executive know that you would like a meal onboard, and choose from various cuisine types, including Arabic, Asian, European, or Continental. Let us know if you or your guests have any special dietary needs or preferences so that we can accommodate those requests.

Helping Hand

Need a helping hand

We can provide your group with a hostess to serve you during your cruise or fishing trip. Consider requesting a hostess if you have a significant group, if you plan to have a meal aboard the yacht, or if you only want to enhance the luxury of your experience. Our hostesses serve with a smile and provide you with that extra touch of personal service that makes your cruise special.


Craving something sweet and celebratory?

If you celebrate a milestone such as a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or professional achievement, enhance the festive mood with a delicious cake. We bake and design custom cakes of any shape, size, and style. Let us know the theme or idea you want for your cake, and we will deliver a magnificent masterpiece that is both delicious and memorable. Tell our reservation executive about your cake order when you book your trip, and your ideal cake will be waiting aboard the yacht.


Need festive flair?

In addition to the beautiful coastline and glittering waters, you will enjoy during your trip. Order decorations such as balloons and streamers in your choice’s color, number, shape, and size. With the cabin decked out for the party, you and your guests will feel even more festive. Directly talk to our reservation executive about the occasion, the theme, and any other preferences, and we will transform the yacht into a party paradise.


Want to add a little music?

We can provide the perfect soundtrack for your experience. Whether it be soft, tranquil melodies for a romantic cruise or toe-tapping, peppy beats to get the party going, our disc jockey service allows you to enjoy your favorite tunes as you revel in the beauty around you. Speak to your reservation executive about the music you want onboard during your trip.


Care to ride in style?

If you are planning a romantic cruise or if you want to treat your guests to an additional luxury, reserve one of our cars. You can choose a Rolls Royce, a limousine, or another favorite make or model. The driver will pick you and your guests up in the car, take you to the Dubai Marina for your cruise, and return you to your hotel or other destination of choice after your trip. Adding luxury transportation to your experience is one more way to make it the event of a lifetime.

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