Frequently Asked Questions

Book the yacht or fishing boat you want as far in advance as possible. This should ensure that we have the boat that you want available for your preferred day and time.

When you charter a yacht with Al Wasl Charters for a fishing trip or a cruise, we include free pickup and drop-off from anywhere in Dubai or Sharjah. We also stock each boat with fishing equipment and bait. We provide light refreshments on board and space and equipment to clean and grill the fish that you catch.

We accept payment via cash or credit card. Please pay in advance to reserve your yacht for the date and time you specified.

For deep sea fishing and sports fishing, we suggest a trip or cruise of at least 4 hours long. This gives you enough time to reach prime fishing spots and thoroughly enjoy your fishing experience. However, if necessary, we can arrange a shorter fishing trip for you.

To give you the best value and to showcase the most beautiful coastal scenery, we take you into the deep water of the Dubai Sea, a journey that lasts about 4 hours total. This allows everyone plenty of time to enjoy the sights and take pictures. However, if you make a special request, we can arrange a shorter cruise for you.

Our sports fishing boats and luxury yachts are all moored at the Dubai Marine Yacht Club.

No guests may wear shoes with heels. We recommend trainers and other flat shoes that will not mark the deck.

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time to ensure that the yacht departs promptly.

Please bring proof of identity with you for your cruise or fishing trip. The UAE Coast Guard requires each passenger to present a passport, copy of a passport or UAE driver’s license for our inspection before the yacht can depart.

Each cruise starts from the Dubai Marine Yacht Club. From there, you will sail through the deeper waters of the Dubai Sea, within view of the coastline. You will enjoy views of famous landmarks such as the World Islands, the Palm Islands, the Atlantis the Palm hotel, and the opulent Burj Al Arab hotel from your yacht.

We want you to enjoy your trip, so we provide complimentary medication to prevent seasickness. If you suspect you may become seasick during the trip, ask the crew for these complimentary tablets before your cruise departs.

If the water is rough, we may alter the route slightly to avoid difficult areas of the sea. In the event of highly rough seas or storms, we may have to cancel the trip. If this occurs, we will give you the opportunity to book your cruise or fishing trip on a different date at no additional charge. Please see the Terms and Conditions for more details.

Our captains and crew members possess extensive experience and have all required certifications and qualifications to safely fulfill their duties. We also train each of our staff in first aid and fire safety.

We fully insure our boats and yachts and the captain, crew, and all guests. Activities and Amenities

You can certainly request to go swimming or snorkeling during your cruise. We supply complimentary snorkeling equipment on our yachts.

We recommend that guests bring their towels. However, if you should forget, there will be a few spare towels on board.

We do not serve liquor aboard our sportfishing boats or yachts, but you are welcome to bring your own for your refreshment during the trip.

You can have a meal on board for an additional fee. Light refreshments are included in your package.

Many of our yachts include saloons or dining areas where you are welcome to eat.

We feature an onboard home theater system and sound system on our yachts. You are welcome to select music from the onboard collection or bring your CD or DVD to enjoy during the trip.

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