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Is it hyperbolic to call Dubai, the land of artificial islands? The city has the iconic Palm Island which is one of the largest artificial islands in the world. The world’s most luxurious hotel Burj Al Arab stands at an artificial island and is surrounded by the deep blue ocean. So, constructing wonders that surpass the design of nature is not a new thing in Dubai. Now, there is a recent addition to the number of artificial islands and it is the stunning Bluewaters Island.

Being constructed at the fascinating location of Dubai Marina, Bluewaters Island has been in the headlines since its inception. It is the newest lifestyle destination in Dubai with varied residential, shopping, entertainment, and hospitality options. The residences offer magnificent views of the island and overflow with luxury. Tourists, as well as residents, have been eager to know if Bluewaters Island is open. Yes, you can visit Bluewaters Island and stroll through the promenade.

Numerous cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment options ensure that you will lose track of time. As you are far away from the hectic city and in the midst of the ocean, you get the most admired island experience. The idyllic neighborhood provides wonderful views of the Arabian Gulf. If you plan your visit on weekends, an array of live entertainments and other surprises will be waiting for you.

What is Ain Dubai?

You would have heard of Ain Dubai and wondered what is so special about it. Well, it is the tallest Ferris wheel which is undergoing construction at the isle. Ain Dubai or Dubai Eye is an important factor that attracts many people to Bluewaters Island. Tourists flock to the island to see Ain Dubai up close and take a selfie with the giant structure which is going to be another wonder in the world.

It is 210 meters tall and will give 360-degree views of the Dubai skyline. It was made with 9000 tonnes of steel. Its base is set to be an entertainment zone with a large LED screen showing some interesting details for the visitors. Ain Dubai will surpass the 167-meter tall High Roller observation wheel in Las Vegas. Bluewaters Island will become a tourist hotspot once Ain Dubai starts spinning.

How to get to bluewaters island

Bluewaters Island lies adjacent to Marina and Jumeirah Beach. A blue aura will be visible when you laze at the shores of the JBR beach. The illuminated Bluewaters Bridge which begins from the beach will take you to the island. This bridge and multimode transport make the isle the easiest to reach for everyone.

Those who are traveling by metro can alight at DAMAC metro station. Then, take the tram and get down at Jumeirah Beach Residences. You can walk to JBR Beach and find the Bluewaters Bridge dazzling from a distance. Plans are on, to build a monorail at Bluewaters Island to facilitate ease of access and promote the idea of living conveniently without a car.

Things to do in Bluewaters Island

With the plethora of outdoor dining venues, entertaining activities, and shopping centers, there is no limit to the things to do in Bluewaters Island in Dubai. The only thing to consider is how much time you have, to spend at this iconic destination in the city designed and constructed for the rovers. Take a look at the activities that will lure you for sure:

Go shopping

Buy your favorite stuff without worrying about time as Bluewaters Island has shop o’clock motto. There are hundreds of retail stores with indigenous and international brands. Beyond the Beach Ocean is the ultimate shop for the beach bums. Women can find some beach wears to look great on their day out at the sea. Superdry is for the urban-chic men and women. Buy some souvenirs for your loved ones at Typo.

Try the variety of tastes

Bluewaters Island has some of the most popular restaurants in Dubai that offer a variety of cuisines. You can choose any option from a light brunch to fine dining. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Puerto 99, the best Mexican restaurant in the city. You can also savor every bite while enjoying live Mexican music. The lovers of seafood can go to Alici or grab the desserts at Jelly Belly Ice Cream and Ketch Up. All of the restaurants give exceptional views of the Arabian Gulf.

Sail on a yacht

As you ramble through the Bluewaters Bridge, you will see a fleet of mega yachts. It is the newest cruising destination in Dubai where tourists love to spend some time enjoying the nightlife. They also throw parties while relishing the elegance of the newest artificial island in Dubai. You can have glimpses of Ain Dubai and also take selfies against the backdrop of the tallest giant wheel.

Visit Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai

Caesars Palace Dubai features an exquisite blend of hospitality, dining, entertainment, and relaxation. It ensures that you get the ideal experience on your getaway. It has six luxurious restaurants, a health spa, and an outdoor swimming pool to give you the utmost comfort. Caesars Palace comprises two swanky hotels namely Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai and Caesars Resort Bluewaters Dubai. You have over 12 unique dining options and extravagant rooms offering exquisite views of the island.

Entertainment is taken to the next level at the Rotunda Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai, which is a 500-seat venue offering a 360-degree view of live shows. Its architecture features a dome inspired by Rome’s famous Pantheon. Rotunda is known for providing matchless hospitality and numerous dining options. Also, visit Cove Beach that gives you access to a private beachfront and treats you to some mouthwatering dishes.

Bluewaters Island is the perfect place for enjoying a night with your family. The isle has all the flavors to fulfill the expectations of each and every one. It is also a great outdoor attraction where you can take a walk with your loved one. You will love the place if you are visiting in winter. Several changes are yet to come and it will be more alluring by the time of the 2020 expo.

Wait for the unveiling of Ain Dubai and the whole image of Bluewaters Island will be redefined. While making your winter bucket list, never forget to add Bluewaters Island. 

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